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Advantages of Crypto-currency. The opinion of experts from Crypto Mining LTD

There are many important differences between crypto currency and ordinary money. These differences are also its most important advantages:

- minimum commissions or their absolute absence;
- 24-hour access to transactions;
- instant sending and receiving of transfers in any part of the world;
- high level of security, security and reliability;
- significant technological advantages - ease of divisibility and forwarding, as well as rapid verification of authenticity;
- maximum of new opportunities, including the use of multi-signatures, smart contracts and other features;
- the ability to make transactions with amounts equal to the hundredth and thousandths of the US dollar;
- Simplicity of the beginning of work with virtual coins - easy registration and absence of restrictions;
- supranational system with open technologies;
- market pricing based solely on supply and demand;
- absence of intermediaries in the form of correspondent banks;
- the ability to bypass any sanctions;
- Full control over own funds.

Knowing the main differences between crypto currency and fiat money, you can develop the most effective strategy of behavior with digital coins. Significant interest of users to the crypto currency is mainly due to such features as the decentralization of the issue, as well as the anonymity and security of all transactions.

Crypto Mining LTD is a cloud-mining company

One of the most popular services among citizens of the United States and Britain. The company's servers are located in Ireland, which guarantees stable operation and low risk of equipment failure. To pluses it is necessary to carry fifteen languages on a site for convenience of use of clients from all world, the convenient interface of a site - to the beginning user it will not be possible to understand with subtleties of work of a site. Also there is online support for consultants 24/7.
The client has 7 fixed tariff plans. Users are offered to rent servers with different types of capacity up to 3125000 Gh / s per customer. The cost of these plans ranges from $ 10 to $ 500,000. To understand how profitable to rent a capacity in this company, you can use the calculator on the main page of the site.

The company's equipment today:

Hardware based on Solar chips at 16 nm, Neptune at 20 nm, machines - Spondoolies-Tech SP50, Bitmain Antminer S9, AntMiner S7, AntMiner S5, Antminer S3, AntMiner R4, C3SS5 (Smart Heat), Avalon 6, Spondoolies-Tech SP35 for the SHA256 algorithm.
MINER TITAN for the SCRYPT algorithm.
iBeLink DM384M for the X11 algorithm.

New products:

The novelty is the computing devices based on 28 nm chips of the latest models and 16 nm chips BitFury, which are leaders in energy saving.

To go to the company's website, go to:

Customer Support 24/7

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